5 Day Rockclimbing Course – ROCK5

Would you like to become a competent outdoor rock climber? If so, the 5 Day  rockclimbing course is the best place to start.

5 day rockclimbing course

The technical aspects of learning to rockclimb can be hard for a novice to attain. Bad decisions can affect confidence and progression. Sometimes unsafe decisions can be made without realising.

But what is competency and how can a novice gain it?

Competency is attained when you can correctly perform a task, repeatedly and without prompting or instruction from someone else.

With so many aspects to learn when it comes to climbing outdoors, the best way to attain competency is to immerse yourself, to receive the correct instruction and to have the opportunity to practice that instruction with guidance and correction.

5 day rockclimbing course
Instruction – repetition – correction

What is the ROCK5 course?

The ROCK5 is a 5 day immersion in climbing course, designed for novice climbers or those wanting to make the transition from indoor to outdoor climber. Each of the 5 days will comprise of 8 hours of instruction and training, starting with the basics and progressing each course participant to a level of competency.

By the end of the 5 days you will be competent and confident rock climbing outdoors.

Who is it aimed at?

This course is aimed at the novice climber, ideally you will have some experience already, such as an indoor climber looking to make their first moves on rock.

This course is not aimed at those who want to try climbing for the first time.

The days will be long and tiring and a good level of fitness will be required. Those wishing to book on should contact me first, to ensure they are suitable and ready for course.

5 day rockclimbing course

What will you learn on the rock5 course?

Each of the 5 days will be structured to progress your ability and understanding of climbing to the next level.

An overview of the course content is listed below, but does not include everything that will be taught on the course or potential opportunities that might arise for further teaching.

Day 1: Learning The Basics

  • Choosing the right harness and helmet and how to fit it safely
  • Basic climbing movement, techniques and a lot of climbs to practice on
  • Climbing calls and communication
  • Learning how to use a guidebook to choose climbs
  • How to tie in
  • Proper and efficient belaying, from above and below
  • Abseiling
5 day rockclimbing course
Ballyryan, The Burren

Day 2: Consolidation

  • We change venue and go to a different local crag, to spend the day on a host of new climbs and consolidate the skills learned on day 1. This will provide ample opportunity to practise the skills learned on day 1, while variations of what we learned on day 1 will no doubt present themselves with the change of venue.
  • We will start to learn basic knots used in climbing and in addition we will progress our understanding of abseiling systems and how to safeguard ourselves in descent using friction hitches.
  • Lowering a climber from above

Day 3: Anchor systems

  • How to place climbing gear to build anchors
  • How to build top rope anchors for climbing
  • How to build personal abseil systems
  • How to safeguard yourself while building anchors
  • Variations of knots useful for anchor building
  • Lots of repetition of building anchors and abseils
5 day rockclimbing course
Anchor Building

Day 4: Consolidation

  • A change of venue from day 3 and a chance to put everything learned into practice at a new crag while doing more climbing on new routes.

Day 5: Becoming a competent second

  • This day will be dedicated to Learning the skills of being a competent second, following a lead climbing instructor on routes.
  • Learning to belay a lead climber
  • Gaining restful positions and why its important
  • removing leader placed gear
  • Seconding on a sea cliff route
5 day rockclimbing course
Ailladie Sea Cliffs

Its important to recognise that we all learn at different speeds, so your progression on the course will be individual to you and no pressure will be put on you to proceed to the next stage if you are not ready to do so.

By the finish of the 5 day course you will be very familiar with the fundamentals of climbing and perfectly placed to progress to the next level or take your first steps towards learning to lead climb on trad gear.

Where does the 5 Day Rockclimbing Course run?

The course will be held in The Burren, Co Clare. There is a great selection of crags and cliffs in The Burren and all in close proximity to each other. With easy access to a lot of the crags and a wide selection of grades, it means we can spend less time walking and the maximum amount of time progressing our climbing and learning new skills.

Please see below for upcoming dates, or please get in contact if you don’t see dates that suit you.

How much is The 5 Day Rockclimbing Course?

The course costs EUR 600 per person. A deposit of Eur 100 is required in advance to secure your booking.

Max 3:1 per course.

1:1 option available, enquire directly for cost.


Do I need my own equipment?

If you have some of your own equipment bring it along, otherwise all equipment will be provided for you.

To discuss whether this course is suited to you and make a booking please feel free to contact me here.


5 Day Rockclimbing Course – 5 Day Rockclimbing Course