Sports Climbing Self Rescue

Sports climbing is widely regarded as being a safe climbing discipline, but once you step into the world of multi pitching, be it on bolts or trad gear, problem avoidance and solving becomes more difficult.

Would you know what to do if it all goes wrong high up on a multi pitch? How can we stop minor incidents developing into major accidents? What if our second cant follow us on a multi-pitch route?

A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Having some knowledge of rescues and problem solving techniques can be as dangerous as having none.

self rescue for climbers

Whats covered on the course?

The course will be tailored specifically to suit the participants previous climbing experience and requirements. Among the  main skills that can be covered or reinforced are:

  • Ascending and descending a fixed rope using prussiks
  • assisted and unassisted hoists – Using belay device and guide mode
  • tie-ing off the belay plate/guide plate
  • Lowering a climber whilst using guide mode
  • problem solving – solving small issues, to prevent them becoming bigger accidents
  • escaping the system
  • abseiling or ascending past a knot or core-shot rope

If there is a rescue method not listed above that you would like to practice under supervision or receive instruction on, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss providing training for same.

guide mode

What do you need to bring?

You can bring your own climbing gear if you wish, or I can provide all equipment on the day. You should bring your own food, snacks and water as required.

Where does the course run?

Rescue training can be run indoors in a climbing wall or outdoors at a real crag. I am based in The Burren, Co Clare, but sometimes run courses in Dublin, Wicklow and Kerry.

Duration: This depends on your previous experience and what you wish to learn. However most rescue courses would be run over a long afternoon session or even a full day.

Location: I am based in The Burren, Co Clare, but sometimes run courses in Dublin, Wicklow and Kerry.


Private 1:1    €160

2:1    €90 per person

3:1    €70 per person

4:1    €60 per person

Pre-requisites: previous climbing experience essential

Ratio: No minimum, max 4:1 ratio. Please call if you have a larger group and we can discuss options.

self rescue for climbers
self rescue for climbers