Inspiration, Effort and Time

I really like this blog. I find it cathartic and useful for relaxing.

Possibly because I now associate opening a laptop with running a business, apart from the odd occasion that I write a blog post, which is just for fun.

They’re fun to write and fun to share and it always amazed me that people actually take the time to read them.

On the few occasions that people have said to me that they read my blog, it has genuinely made me smile and feel satisfied. One face to face interaction and discussion of a blog post equal to a hundred online likes perhaps?

When I started this blog I was adamant that I would regularly post to it. That a failure to post was a failure of the website and by extension a failure of the business. My business. Me.

I don’t still feel this way, but when I started the website and this business I was both naive and time rich. The enthusiasm remains constant or if anything is amplified each day that I continue to do what I love.

Hopefully, I’ve lost the naivety.

Inspiration vs effort

Some times I tell myself that it’s a good sign that I haven’t updated the blog since last year but that’s an easy out. It’s true that my small business is a good deal busier than when I started, but to be honest it just a simple case of not planning or setting aside the time for it.

Its like hangboarding. I know I want to get better at climbing, I know it can help me greatly at getting better at climbing, I’m super psyched to get better at climbing, but I can’t find the time to consistently do a small session twice a week that will assist my improvement at climbing? I am always inspired, I just lack the effort sometimes.

But the will to exert that effort can be as easily found as it can be lost. I’m currently sitting in the map room, upstairs in Petes Eats, with a mug of strong coffee inside me and surrounded by mountains and crags synonymous with climbing. Inspiration level 100 for so many reasons.

So I found it not hard at all to type up a quick blog post and now I’m going to get outside into what is fast becoming a bright and sunny day and enjoy the stunning scenery and climbing of North West Wales.

I’m telling myself its not going to be that long ’til I post again … or get on the hangboard. Let’s see what happens.


sea cliff climbing