Introduction to rock climbing

This course is ideal for those who want to start rock-climbing.

Who is the introduction to rock climbing course for?

The course will suit:

  • people with little or no previous climbing experience, but who are keen to start
  • those who have tried climbing a few times before
  • indoor climbers looking to progress to the outdoors and become self sufficient
  • those who haven’t climbed in a long time and are looking to start again.

The course is open to all fitness levels, within reason. While the course runs over a full day, not all this time is spent climbing and there are plenty of pauses between the climbs to learn rope-work, knots and belaying skills.

N.B. If you would like to try rock-climbing for the first time, as a one off fun experience or while visiting The Burren then please get in touch to discuss options, but this course is possibly not what you are looking for.

5 day rockclimbing course

What do I cover on the introduction to rock climbing course?

During the course, while spending lots of time climbing, I’ll also introduce you to:

  • Climbing techniques and movement skills: How to be as efficient as possible when climbing, so that you can cruise up climbs with less effort.
  • Equipment: understand what rock-climbing gear is for, how to use it and what to look for when buying your own.
  • knots: how to tie yourself into the rope and other basic knots
  • Belaying: how to safeguard other climbers using a belay device
  • Guidebooks: how to read a guidebook to chose which climbs we should try
  • Advice on what to do next

This course is all about you inspiring you to climb more often, to enjoy your time on the rock and will progress at a pace suitable to your level.

What do you need to bring?

I provide all equipment on the day. You should bring your own lunch, snacks and water as required.

If you have some or all of your own equipment already (harness, climbing shoes) then bring them with you, but if you don’t then I have everything you will need.

Where does the intro to rock climbing course run?

Location: I am based in The Burren, Co Clare and the courses usually run at Ballyryan/Ailladie on the coast road to Fanore.

Duration: Usually 6 hours, but the course duration can be tailored to suit your needs.

Pre-requisites: as per above

upcoming dates:

8th June 2024 (spaces)

9th June 2024 (full)

30th June 2024 (full)

11th Aug 2024 (Spaces)


€150 per person

– €100 per person, if booking for 2 or more

(contact Brian at directly to avail of the discount as the website doesn’t give the option to apply)

– Private 1:1 bookings available (enquire for 1:1 rates)

– Max ratio 4:1 per course

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intro to rock climbing
Intro to climbing at The Burren

introduction to rock climbing introduction to rock climbing