Sea Cliff Climbing in The Burren

Sea cliff climbing is one of the most unique and adventurous disciplines of rock climbing that you can try and the sea cliffs in The Burren are undisputed as being the best in Ireland.

Imagine the feeling as you abseil down to a ledge, literally metres above the waves of the wild Atlantic ocean itself, with no other option but to climb upwards. Its a truly unique adventure and will have your heart pumping from start to finish.

Is it safe?

Yes, its extremely safe, when done right. Many skills and aspects of climbing are required to be safe and successful in sea cliff climbing, which is why you should use a qualified Mountaineering Instructor to either guide you safely or teach you the skills to be self sufficient.

Who is it suitable for?

While anyone could do it, previous rock climbing experience and a good level of fitness is desirable. I cater to those looking to be guided and those who want instruction on the skills of sea cliff climbing for themselves. Please see below for information on each.

For those looking to be Guided:

Sea cliff climbing can be suitable for those who have no previous climbing experience, but ideally you will have climbed on rock before and have a good level of fitness. We will start our day at a nearby inland crag, to practice the basic skills needed to enjoy this unique outdoor adventure. Once the basics are covered and you are comfortable with the skills, we will take the short walk across to the sea cliffs and put the theory into practice, with the sound of the Atlantic ocean hissing below your feet.

For those looking for Instruction:

sea cliff climbing

Normally as climbers we walk to the base of a climb and ascend. With sea cliff climbing we abseil in from above and climb out. Our efficiency and safety systems are different to normal single pitch climbing and more in line with multi-pitch climbing. On this course we will cover:

  • Route selection and finding from above
  • anchor building and gear placements
  • abseiling, hanging belays and belayer safety
  • rescue systems

What do you need to go Sea Cliff Climbing in The Burren?

I provide all the equipment needed. You should bring some food, snacks and water to drink.

Where can I try it?

The sea cliff climbs at Ailladie, The Burren, which is situated right on the wild atlantic way. If you are travelling the wild atlantic way in Clare you will literally pass by this location.

Location: The Burren, Co Clare

Pre-requisites: None required

Duration: 4-5 hours


€150 per person

€125 per person, if booking for 2.

– €100 per person, if booking for 3

– Private 1:1 bookings are available and cost €200

– No minimum number required, Max ratio 3


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Sea cliff climbing in the Burren

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