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Why bother writing a blog?

On many occasions I’ve been inspired by a description of a climb or a photograph in a climbing magazine.

Who knows, maybe one of my blog entries can inspire someone to try a climb or walk a hill.

Please feel free to browse through the links below:

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Feb 2017 Coaching. Climbing. Grappling?  Always trying to improve as a coach

Sept 2016 Kilimanjaro, Feargal Sharkey and Briamox summit night on Kilkmanjaro

Aug 2016 North Wales and the art of Trad Climbing – A trad trip to North Wales

June 2016 Fairhead Meet 2016  A brief account of the MI meet at Fairhead in 2016

Apr 2016 Movement Works  – Fixing injuries, improving flexibility and warm up routines with James Hale

Apr 2016  Climbing Howling Ridge – A classic Irish mountaineering day out

Feb 2016  The Gaisce Award – Working as Mountain Leader

Feb 2016   Doolin Bouldering, New Problems  Storm Imogen leaves some new problems in Doolin

Feb 2016   Climber friendly Hostel, The Burren a great place to stay in The Burren!

Jan 2016    In search of ice.. In search of good winter mountaineering conditions in Ireland.

Jan 2016   Training your climbing weaknesses Making the effort to address my weaknesses.

Jan 2016   Climbing videos Videos from Climb It and from the Irish climbing scene.

A little info about me:

My name is Brian Bateson. I am originally from Kildare, but it being flat and landlocked I decided to move to Clare. I live on the edge of The Burren, where stunning scenery and incredible landscapes can be found everywhere you go.

Its in The Burren where I go climbing most. Hours have been spent, but never lost, at crags like Ailladie, Ballyryan and Lackglass. Its a small community of climbers that live near The Burren all year round. So while getting a belay can sometimes be tough, it only serves to create solid friendships between those who tie in.

Ailladie is clearly the jewel in the crown of the Clare climbing scene. A crag Ive loved and hated in equal measure at times. Its been the scene of some of my most memorable days climbing. Its also been the scene of regular failure and rejection, getting spat off a number of its climbs.

Only a fool fears failure though, because nothing worth achieving should be easy. And if I want them bad enough Ill just have to try harder.

Thank you for reading,


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