Skills Refresher: 3 more knots

Three more knots might be useful for those who already have an understanding of the basic knots, have been climbing a while or even trainee climbing instructors.

Three more knots and how to tie them

Learning more knots is never a bad thing, it’s always good to have these in your repertoire!

Italian Hitch (Munter Hitch)

Useful for belaying when you don’t have a belay plate or for lowering someone. It’s quick to tie and easy to know if you have gotten it wrong.

There is a distinctive flip of the knot around the carabiner if done correctly. It sometimes puts kinks or twists in ropes, however.

Alpine Butterfly

Useful for isolating a core short piece of rope or attaching two nearby anchors and is easily untied even if heavily weighted. There are two styles of tying this knot shown below.

Bunny’s Ears

Useful for when you would like two loops coming from your figure 8 on the bight instead of one. Perhaps when setting up a group abseil or a top rope set up.

Top Tips for Tying Knots

  • when trying to learn a new knot, keep a short length of rope beside the couch and practice tying them as you watch telly, so that tying the knot becomes second nature to you.
  • Remember to always dress and stress your knot and leave a long tail and/or tie a stopper knot.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss any aspect of this video or other skills.

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